Field Music

Bottoms up!

Bottoms up!

So, in 2014, 12 years into this adventure, Sparklemotion finally made it to Worthy Farm.  [Read more…]

Fake Kate Fun

Three colours red…

2014 was the year Kate Bush returned to the stage. Wow. Unbelievable etc. etc. Sadly she overlooked Sparklemotion [Read more…]

Heart-shaped Moscow



Hanging out with our favourite, Boogaloo Stu, in a super-glam restaurant in MOSCOW. Not joking. This place is nuts…

Arrived. Picked up at airport by smiley, friendly, dope-smokey Sergei. The three of us tucked into the back of a car…Sergei and his pal up front, toking on a great big reefer (jail if you get caught!!!)

Welcome to Mokba. We’ve done this before and the driving/traffic/near-death-scrapes are what I always seem to come away with (that, and a headache). However, this trip bucks the trend and we have an altogether different, less vodka-based time. For starters, we see Moscow by day. Plus its tropically hot (I know, weird, right!). Our host, Sergei, he of the reefer, is a jolly fellow who is keen to impress. We eat a HUGE dinner of strange pickled soup and about sixteen salads (was that the munchies I had??)

Next, we waddle bloatedly to a pretty park and hang out on some big green cushions (where Sergei drops his dope into the actual grass). My ankles have swollen to unknown proportions…it’s 35 degrees for god’s sake! Then it’s show time. HOT. And WEIRD. Performing on the bar of a restaurant (why is it never simple???) to a handful of bewildered diners. They brought us to Russia for this???

Stu cuts an unusual (possibly controversial) figure in this upmarket Moscow eaterie. I’m not sure they’re accustomed to (or tolerant of) men in gold leotards. But, we get through it without incident and are then whisked off to a club. Amazingly, we manage to have a fairly early sober night (this is not the way previous trips have ended) and get to have a lovely walk round Red Square the next day. I cannot believe I actually saw something other than the inside of a nightclub. Yay! And btw, that stereotype about Russian women being beautiful. It’s true.

La La Latitude

Champion sound

Champion sound

Backstage at Guilty Pleasures. It’s DRY! 5000 shiny happy people raving in a tent…bring it on!!!

Latitude is really fun. If you haven’t been, you should go. It’s so pretty and gentle and full of interesting things to do. I know, I know, that all sounds a bit sensible but this is a festival for grown-ups and I’m fine with that. I like it that people pick up their rubbish and go to poetry readings and pop off to bed by midnight…

So, yeah, Latitiude is great, but Guilty Pleasures at Latitude is greater. P.A.R.T.Y. It’s funny, cause the Elbow-loving, Guardian-reading, 6music-listening Latitude clientele probably wouldn’t go for the GP vibe normally…in fact, they’d run a mile. But whack a bit of Katy Perry on in a field and people go bonkers.

For Sparklemotion, this gig is a bit of a ‘moment’. You see, I was in the crowd many years ago and I saw the GP dancers and I thought ‘I want that gig’ and blow me down, here we are. The first year we nearly died of shock. 5000 people!! That’s a big number for a small dance troupe. But we’re cool with it now (ha ha, not really!)

That is so CB!

Legs & Co...

Legs & Co…

Here we are rocking out in full mummy regalia with the amazing Catherine Bennett. You don’t know who she is? Well, wise up and check out her amazing website!

But seriously, Bryony Kimmings’ latest project ‘Credible, Likeable, Superstar Role Model’ is beyond brilliant. A pop star as imagined by a nine-year old? What took the world so long! I could go on about this for days but I’ll just say that I am in love with everything about it. Here we have a pop star who wears knee length skirts and great big glasses; who works in a museum and writes songs about polar bears and lazy people (finally, someone not singing about being in a club!!!!). I’m just in awe really. Brave, interesting and wonderful.

Bryony herself is pretty wonderful too and asked me to choreograph a ‘mummy’ dance for the Apathy video (that’s mummy as in Ancient Egypt, kids – don’t make the same mistake I made). Suggested inspiration was Daft Punk’s ‘Around the World’ with a bit of vogueing thrown in for good measure. We had a super fun day in the paleontology department of Manchester museum for the video shoot and now Sparklemotion do a full mummy routine at special CB events, including the Soho Theatre kids show you can see in the picture. That’s us on the floor. ‘Tis a glamourous life!

It Ended on a Carpeted Stage

British She Power!

British She Power!

This is another one of those ‘pinch yourself’ moments for me. When Sparklemotion get to work with musicians I love and respect it just feels unreal. I live in Brighton so I’ve always know about BSP ‘happenings’ – club nights filled with sounds, insanity and foliage – I just never imagined my choreography would be part of the madness.

This gig came about through a mutual friend (thank you Ruth) and resulted in Sparklemotion performing at some of the bands Krankenhaus nights. I can’t tell you how terrified I was the first time we danced. I mean, you’re really putting yourself out there because who knows what the fans will make of a disco fancying dance troupe at a super cool club night??? But this is what makes BSP so special…bands like Savages, Bo Ningen and Parma Violets perform alongside  yodellers, poets and giant bears. And the audience love it…they know to expect the unexpected and they just soak it all up (along with large quantities of beer).

In early 2013 I choreographed a routine to the Machineries of Joy single and Sparklemotion performed it at the album launch party which was held at the legendary 100 Club on Oxford Street. An amazing rock’n’roll experience and one that knocks me sideways with pride. And yes, on that occasion there was no oil, just carpet.