Fake Kate Fun

Three colours red…

2014 was the year Kate Bush returned to the stage. Wow. Unbelievable etc. etc. Sadly she overlooked Sparklemotion when recruiting for her now infamous 22 night stint at the Hammersmith Apollo (big mistake Kate) BUT we did get to enjoy a sprinkle of her magic when we joined Lucy Bundy, aka, Fake Bush, on stage as part of a run of shows in Brighton.

Now, Fake Bush is no ordinary tribute act. Instead, she’s a Bushy entity all of her own…a post-modern homage if you please. Using the songs as a starting point but no more, Fake B up offers up a delightful and surprising mix of music, movement, ballsy chat and earthy fun.

Kate’s extreme theatricality makes caricature easy., but what I like about Lucy’s take is that she manages to swerve the clichés (whilst singing like an angel). The song choices aren’t the obvious ones (in fact, the other sparkles were convinced that Mrs Bartolozzi was a joke song made up for the occasion). She doesn’t copy the looks or try to adopt Kate’s distinctive speaking voice. Her dog, Bonny, joins her on stage for Hounds of Love. Genius, right? We know so little about this notoriously private popstar, why not just fly with it and create a whole new imagined world? Clever stuff.

And so to our routine and which track to choose. Hmmm. The idea was that we would just appear unannounced, dance and off…like a kind of mysterious, ethereal, three headed apparition. Much better to keep it short and impactful (always) which is why I settled on Babooshka. It’s probably the punchiest and poppiest of her songs and has such a strong chorus. Plus the fabulous lyric recounting the crazed behaviour of a jealous wife. Come on, who hasn’t met their partner disguised as another woman to test their fidelity? Then smashed some plates? No? Just me then. Ha ha.

And what to wear? The warrior look from the video? (light-up swords anyone?). I even considered one of us (me) dressing as a double bass to represent the husband (seemed like a cumbersome prop to cart around). In the end, I chose a red seventies pant suit based on a performance Kate did of Babooshka on German TV. Plus crimped hair (boy, did she love to crimp) and a veil to demonstrate the two versions of the wife. Job done. I say that like it was easy. In reality I spent a hundred hours constructing disastrous weird cat suits before hitting upon the scarlet lycra top and pant combo shown in the photo. One of our nicest cossies, I think.

The shows were in a cute little theatre in Brighton. One I’m sure it’s delightful to dance in under normal circumstances, but, in true Sparklemotion style, we had an interesting set of challenges to overcome. Namely, going on after a production of Samuel Beckett’s Endgame. Yep, that’s the one with the dustbins. So, take two large metal bins, mix in a floor covered in gravel, add one puddle of water, a sofa (Beckett not responsible) plus Bonny the Dog and what do you get? A recipe for dance disaster darling!

It probably ranks as one of the weirdest spaces we’ve ever performed in (and that’s saying something) but we coped (me not so brilliantly) and it was really good fun. When we stepped out on stage, you could hear the audience (full of Kate boffs) murmuring ‘Babooshka’ ‘Babooshka’. We don’t often get to be moody and a little bit sexy…it made a refreshing change. Not sure if the dog barking half way through added to the intensity of the moment or not!

Kate Bush – a true original. Fake Bush – thanks love, we had a ball.

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