Guilty Pleasures


So, what to say about GP? The daddy of pop clubs. A superbrand with nights all over the world and a pop sensibility that is borne out of a total love and respect for the music they play. And they have dancers. And they REALLY look after their dancers. It’s a BIG DEAL and Sparklemotion have been lucky enough to be part of that. This is the one job I really really wanted so it’s literally magic that it came about.

There is definitely a kid in a sweet shop element to Guilty Pleasures for me. The idea that I can sit down and pick any song from the entire wonderful pop canon and then make up a dance to it is just crazy. And it’s been great in other ways too cause I think I can err on the conservative side and you have to let that all go to make an impact at a GP night. It needs to be WILD. I’ve had to learn to add a sense of spectacle to what I do and I’ve loved it.

More importantly, without GP I never would have discovered I looked so good in a beard, so, for that alone, Mr Rowley and your Guilty Pleasures, I salute you.

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