La La Latitude

Champion sound

Champion sound

Backstage at Guilty Pleasures. It’s DRY! 5000 shiny happy people raving in a tent…bring it on!!!

Latitude is really fun. If you haven’t been, you should go. It’s so pretty and gentle and full of interesting things to do. I know, I know, that all sounds a bit sensible but this is a festival for grown-ups and I’m fine with that. I like it that people pick up their rubbish and go to poetry readings and pop off to bed by midnight…

So, yeah, Latitiude is great, but Guilty Pleasures at Latitude is greater. P.A.R.T.Y. It’s funny, cause the Elbow-loving, Guardian-reading, 6music-listening Latitude clientele probably wouldn’t go for the GP vibe normally…in fact, they’d run a mile. But whack a bit of Katy Perry on in a field and people go bonkers.

For Sparklemotion, this gig is a bit of a ‘moment’. You see, I was in the crowd many years ago and I saw the GP dancers and I thought ‘I want that gig’ and blow me down, here we are. The first year we nearly died of shock. 5000 people!! That’s a big number for a small dance troupe. But we’re cool with it now (ha ha, not really!)

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