My left foot

My left foot

Once upon a time a band called Metronomy played their first wonderful live show and their fate as a totally cool genius pop band was sealed. I went home that night and listened to You Could Easily Have Me about a million times and dreamed a dance – one of my first proper choreographies (and most likely the best thing I’ve ever done).

As the band got bigger and the venues more roomy Sparklemotion were invited to join them on stage as part of their Nights Out shows. I can’t explain what an honour this was for me. Choreographing to a Metronomy track is the best and worst of times. Best because the songs are thrilling and strange and off the wall in a way that makes them just about as interesting as it could ever get for a dance. Worst because it’s nigh-on impossible to do them justice. I will always treasure the fact that Sparklemotion shared a stage with such a special, charming, amazing band.

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