Rick Astley

Tie me up, tie me down

Tie me up, tie me down

Amazing. Mega. Random much? Oh yes, another surprising Sparklemotion adventure sallies forth. This time with (is this really happening?) Rick Astley. He of PWL tea boy fame. The man who shocked us all on TOTP back in the day.

When I got the call about this job you could have knocked me down with something much lighter than a feather. It’s all thanks to AMAZING director Michael Baldwin—a man who made us look pretty damn good in a Cocknbullkid video and who seems to really like what I do. Lucky me.

So, the brief this time was “badass angels”…saving our hero from a nasty demise in a Soprano’s-style “to the bottom of the sea you go” scenario. Dancing-wise the challenge was to come up with something nonchalant and cool, a bit cute and a lot sassy.

Shoot day and once again we’re in our usual industrial setting. It seems that Sparklemotion will only do video’s where a hi-vis vest has to be donned to go to the lav. Ha ha!

It was actually a beautiful day—sun shining and everyone working hard to get the job done. Taught the routines in a shipping container, got angel-ed up in our customised leather jackets and kicked up some dust with our bad-ass moves. Chrissie even got a kiss!

Result? A totally fab video. WOW. Michael Baldwin you are my hero. And as for mister Astley himself, what a dude. His album is called 50 y’know. Respect is due.


  1. A great video it is indeed! And funny! Fantastic job of the whole crew and gang!

  2. loved your performances, really bas ass!! 🙂

  3. I love this video! Great work on the choreography and dancing. I actually dressed up as a “badass angel” for Halloween this year. It was fun to feel a bit sassy while I took my kiddos trick-or-treating. 😉

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