The Cancer Slam

UK Garage

UK Garage

David Wilson is a dude. He is also a an amazing video director I’ve been lucky enough to work with on a few projects.

In 2013 Cancer Research chose David to direct a video for their Race for Life campaign. The brief was to create a full length pop video featuring a simple and iconic dance routine that participants and their friends and families could learn and perform en masse at the race meets. A fantastic idea for a fantastic charity and I was obviously thrilled to be part of the project.

My job was to invent the dance, which might sound easy, but creating simple yet original and exciting choreography is actually very, very hard. David and I worked together using Michelle Pfeiffer in Grease 2 as our inspiration (slinking across a parking lot looking effortlessly cool) and thus the Cancer Slam began to take shape. I even had to name the moves to make it easier for people to learn (armpits!).

The video shoot itself was an experience never to be forgotten…16 hours outside in a scrap yard on a grey and freezing February day. Brrrrr. But my god, the result is perfect – a fierce, super cool promo with an unforgettable message.

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